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Its best to find out as much as you can before you part with your hard-earned cash!

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Why should I check my UK vehicle status?

When you Purchase a vehicle is is important to get some background information. Our free vehicle check gives you details about the vehicle but we give you the option to upgrade to receive additional information tailored to your specific needs including stolen vehicle checks.

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UK Car Vehicle Check

We offer a service that rivals HPI check you can choose our free vehicle check report service to receive a DVLA vehicle check for free which can include the VOSA vehicle check, you are then given the option to upgrade your report tailored to your specific needs.

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UK Free vehicle checks

Once you receive your free vehicle check you will have the option to upgrade, our vehicle check can work out cheaper than using the auto trader vehicle check and other online vehicle checks.

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"I was impressed with the level of service when I received my vehicle check, the free check was easily upgraded to give me the information that I was looking for."

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"I wanted to get a vehicle checked before I purchased it, I upgraded from the free online vehicle check to include stolen reports, the vehicle that I checked had been in an accident before so I decided not to purchase it. A great way to make sure you are buying a vehicle with all the information you need".
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Review Stars
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